About Ray Johnson

Ray Johnson was born Albert Ray Johnson born on May 18, 1898 in Wisconsin to Albert and Jennie Johnson. His mother Jennie is a charter member of our unit. Ray joined the service after graduating Redmond Union High School in 1918. He joined the Navy and served on the USS Mercy. Ray was an intern on this ship that transported the injured and sick soldiers during WWI. In 1918, an influenza epidemic spread across the nation. Ray was one of the poor souls that died of influenza that year. His body was brought back to Redmond and he is buried at the Redmond Cemetery. His parents are buried next to him. Ray was Redmond's first casualty sailor he was stationed at Norfolk, Virginia when he passed on April 15, 1918.His coffin came by train and was paraded through town where his service was held at the First Methodist Church. Debbie van Osdel, History Chairman

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